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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where can I get a copy of a report?
A: Most reports are ready within ten (10) working days. There are some instances when reports are not able to be released until after that time period. For specific questions, feel free to call 603-524-5257. To request a report click here.

Q: I would like to issue someone an No Trespass Order for my property, what do I do?
A: In this case, we recommend that you send a letter to the individual via certified mail if delivering that letter in-hand is impractical or unsafe. Please send a copy of that letter to the Laconia Police Department indicating how that letter was served.

Q: Do I have to register my bicycle in Laconia?
A:No, you do not. However, we do recommend coming to the police department and registering your bicycle. In the unfortunate case that your bicycle gets stolen, having registered your bicycle with us significantly increases the chance of returning your bicycle to you. If you are unable to bring the bicycle to the police department, please bring as much information about the bicycle with you, including the serial number.

Q: An emergency vehicle is approaching me, do I still have to pull over if the emergency vehicle is in the opposite lane?
A:Yes. By pulling over to the side of the road it allows operators of an emergency vehicle a better interpretation of the road conditions while responding to the emergency. With traffic stopped, operators are better able to judge pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic, and other factors to both respond to an emergency and to do so in a safe manner for all.

Q: I would like to file a complaint or commend an officer. How would I do that?
A: Simply click here. On this page we have provided you information to take such action. We appreciate your feedback.

Q:Why does an officer generally ask for my license and registration first when I get pulled over?
A: Speaking to the public is a main part of a police officer's job. Unfortunately, there are some (though a small amount) individuals that are okay with harming police officers. Getting to know someone first before discussing a traffic violation, allows an officer to asses the situation they are in and who they are talking to. Remember, on a traffic stop the motorist knows its a police officer who is speaking with them, but the police officer has no idea who they are approaching.

Q: When I call the police, sometimes I am put on hold, why?
A: Generally, the police department has one dispatchers on per shift. Dispatchers are responsible for the phone calls that come into the police department, walk in complaints, the radio traffic, and other crucial administrative duties during the non-typical business hours. Especially when a serious incident occurs, multiple calls come into the police station. Only that one dispatcher is handling them. Please remain on the line. You may hold one small piece of information that just may make the difference.

Q: I am pulled over for a minor traffic offense, why do I see multiple police officers?
A: Due to the dangerous nature of police work, fellow officers check on each other to ensure everyone is safe.

Q: I'm involved in an accident, what do I do?
A: Per state law, if your vehicle is in the roadway and is able to be moved, you must move it out of the travel lanes. You may call the police department for assistance, however, you may simply exchange all of the required information listed in RSA 265:24. Additionally, regardless if you use police services, if there is personal injury and/or damage that totals $1,000.00, you must report the accident to the state. If you require this, click here to get the form. REMEMBER: If you are unsure, call the police department!

Q: When is the winter parking ban in effect?
A: By City ordinance, the winter parking ban takes effect from November 1st and last until May 1st. The hours for the ban are 12:00am through 6:30am. This applies to all city streets and municipal parking lots.

Q: I am a recipient of a bad check, what do I do?
A: Click here for the form which includes more instruction.