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Inside Laconia PD...

As a police department, we are involved in many ways with the public. Communication between the Laconia Police Department and the public we serve is crucial to the success of the department and a safe community. However, more often than not those channels are filled with serious and important information. Because of that, we are bring you "Inside LPD," where we explain about different stuff that may seem to be the "norm" for officers, but not so for others.

You will find on this page different items you might notice of officers. Below are the Medals and Awards an Officer may receive during their career. The "bars" or "ribbons" are what is worn above the Officer's name on their uniform. Medals are generally worn during formal occasions and not on duty.

Awards and Decorations

Medal of Honor

The highest award the department gives is awards to Officers, employees, or citizens, who, in an effort to protect the life of another and with disregard for their personal safety, perform an act or acts of outstanding courage while in an actual confrontation with an armed and/or dangerous adversary.

Medal for Bravery

Awarded to Officer who, while utilizing proper police tactics, effects or attempts to effect the arrest of any person who has used a deadly weapon to commit a crime or to resist arrest and placing the Officer in danger of his/her personal safety.

Medal for Wounded in Service

Awarded to Officers who have been wounded or receive serious bodily injury as a direct result of their required duty by means which could inflict serious bodily injury or death.

Medal for Lifesaving with Valor

Awarded to Officers for an act of outstanding courage without regard for personal safety while saving or attempting to save the life of another.

Award For Lifesaving

Awarded to Officers who have or attempted to save the life of another.

Award for Meritorious Service

Awarded to Officers for an act of intelligence and valuable Police service which demonstrates a special faithfulness or perseverance towards effecting an especially important arrest. In addition, Officers may earn an Award for Meritorious Service by maintaining a high degree of efficiency and exemplary performance in an assigned collateral duty, special assignments, by an act or acts of outstanding leadership, or by outstanding performance in charitable and service projects within the community.

Distinguished Unit Action

Awarded to Officers for outstanding service which resulted from teamwork as a unit rather than an individual effort.

Award for Honorable Service

Awarded to Officers who have illustrated, on a continual basis, dedication to duty, growth in his/her position, quality performance on a regular basis and a well-rounded volume of work. The candidate will have performed with integrity and will have been subject to no disciplinary action during the time for which the award was made. The performance of the candidate would be that which is consistent with an exemplary employee.

Specialties and Ranks

Chief of Police                            Captain                            Lieutenant

Sergeant                                              Master Patrol Officer

Police Training Officer                                 Motorcycle Officer

SWAT Officer                                        Bicycle Officer

K9 Officer