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Mission Statement

It is the mission of this Department to enhance the quality of life for residents, business people and visitors to the City of Laconia.

Our function is to prevent crime, to protect people and property, and to enforce State Statutes and local Ordinances. This shall be done with common sense, fairness and respect for Constitutional Rights for all people.

In meeting our mission, we will build positive relationships; encouraging citizen involvement in the identification and solution of problems within the community and adhere to the following core values: integrity, respect, service, teamwork.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We will earn the respect and trust of the public we serve by holding ourselves to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct

Respect: We will treat all residents, business people and visitors with respect and dignity, regardless of the context in which we interact with them. In return, we expect that the public will demonstrate respect for all Laconia Police employees.

Service: We will strive to provide a service to out citizens which goes beyond the traditional role of enforcement, and will include; particular concern for the needs of crime victims, reasonable assistance with non-traditional problems; community education; and community problem solving.

Teamwork: We value the concept of teamwork between all employees of the Laconia Police Department, and externally with other City departments, the State and Federal Government, businesses, public and private social service organizations, and most importantly, the citizens we serve.