Downtown Urban Study 2022

Downtown Study, desk with papers, pen and glasses

The City awarded a contract to Walker Consultants to perform an urban planning study in the City’s Downtown.  The study area is bounded to the east and west by the Beacon Streets, to the south by the river, and to the north by the railroad tracks.

One purpose of the study is to determine the parking needs for the Downtown as more development (either commercial or residential) occurs in that area. For more information, see the parking solutions flyer.

Public Information Meeting

Walker Consultants held a public information meeting on August 17, 2022 at the Belknap Mill to provide information on the status of the project to date and to obtain residents, businesses and property owners feedback on parking in the study area.

Downtown Mobility Considerations

As part of the study, Walker consultants asked for feedback on what you like about parking and mobility (pedestrian, bike, etc.) in downtown, and what changes you would like to see. Your comments were essential. Thank you for your responses. The comment period is now closed.     

Electronic Survey

Additionally, we encouraged local residents, property owners, and business owners, as well as those who work, visit, or vacation in Laconia, to fill out an electronic survey. Thank you for your responses. The comment period has closed.