Shayla's Tech Help Videos

Technology Help Inside the Library

How to Print From Our Public Computers 
How to Use our Copier and Scanner

The Library’s Website

How to Navigate Our Website
How to Search Our Online Catalog!
How To Access My Account!


What is Hoopla and How Do I Sign Up?
What Is Libby and How Do I Sign Up For It?
How to Use Libby’s Library Tab!
How to Use Libby’s Shelf!
What is Overdrive and How Do I Use it?


How to Use NoveList!


How to use Ancestry Library Edition

Computer & Email

How to Use Zoom 
How to Use Microsoft Word 
How to Make and Use a Gmail Account 
Adjusting Security and Privacy Settings in your Gmail Account 
How to Use Google Calendar 
How to Use Google Docs 
How to Use Google Drive 
How to Use Google Forms 
How to Use Google Photos 
How to Use Google Sheets 
How to Use Google Slides