Laconia Transfer Station

Sketch that shows the location of the Transfer Station

385 Meredith Center Road
Laconia, NH 03246
(603) 528-5822

Hours of Operation 

Monday Through Friday7:30 am to 3:30 pm
Saturday8:00 am to noon

The Transfer Station accepts municipal solid waste (MSW), limited amounts of construction and demolition material, propane tanks, appliances, electronic waste, metal, residential waste oil, and yard waste. There is also a recycling drop-off area. Materials must be segregated. ALL VEHICLES MUST STOP AT THE SCALE HOUSE PRIOR TO ENTERING THE FACILITY.  To see where to unload different types of waste, we have provided a layout map (PDF).


Laconia residents, who are disposing of only recyclables and yard waste, are admitted free. Otherwise, admission to the transfer station requires the purchase of an annual dump sticker or a day pass. Annual dump stickers may be obtained from the city clerk's office. Day passes may be purchased at the city clerk's office or at the transfer station. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Be prepared to show proof of residency. 

ItemCostIssued to
Day Pass$3.00Laconia Property Owners
Laconia Residents
Out-of-Town Contractors working at Laconia Residences*
Annual Dump Sticker
(good for the calendar year)
$20.00Laconia Property Owners
Laconia Residents

                         * Contractors must have a contract or a note from the property owner for the work being done.

Disposal Fees

In addition to admission, there may be fees associated with what you are disposing of. We encourage residents to use credit cards and checks to cover disposal fees. Even if what you are getting rid of is free, all vehicles must stop on the scale prior to entering the facility. Below is a list of disposal fees.

ItemDisposal Fee
*Please note that the City’s transfer station cannot accept refrigerators that use ammonia hydroxide gas instead of Freon as the refrigerant at this time. These refrigerators typically run on propane and are found in campers and other recreation vehicles.  The City is working on finding a contractor who is capable of recovering the ammonia hydroxide gas so that the refrigerator can be recycled. 
$10.00* each
Clothing, Shoes and Textiles for donation must be dry and free of mold. Useful items include: bags, coats,  dresses, hats, jackets,  neck ties, pants, purses, sandals, scarfs, sheets, shirts, shoes, skirts, sneakers, towels , trousers . . . .Donated items are free. (Stop on the scale first). 

Demolition Waste (wood, plaster, insulation, bricks, concrete wallboard, roofing, siding, wall-to-wall carpeting, storm windows/doors)

Large volumes (10 wheeler dump loads or more than 4 tons) of demolition waste may be accepted only if arrangements have been made with waste management prior to drop off
$7.50 per each 100 pound increment

Call first for large volumes: 528-5822
Electronic Waste
small (CPU’s, VCR’s, DVD players, printers, scanners, radios, fax machines, home copiers, small stereos)

medium (computer monitors, laptop computers, small to medium TV’s)

large (TV’s greater than 21", large stereo equipment)    

$10.00 each

$20.00 each

$30.00 each
Motor Oil (no additives)Free (stop on the scale first anyway)
Propane Tanks$5.00 each
Tires (can be on rims)
dump truck

$3.00 each
$5.00 each
less than 100 pounds
more than 100 pounds
more than 1 ton (commercial)

$5.00 per load
$5.00 + $0.047 per pound over 100 pounds
$94.00 per ton
Yard Waste (residents must empty bags of yard clippings and leaves unless compostable paper bags are used)Free (stop on the scales first anyway)

Layout of Facilities

Transfer Station Layout