Department Overview

Fiscal Control

  • Maintain a system of budget accounting approved by the City Auditor and the State of New Hampshire.
  • Preaudit all claims and demands against the City prior to payment.
  • Maintain and supervise control of all payments from public funds by a system approved the City Auditor and the State of New Hampshire.
  • Post audit all receipts by all Departments for regularity and legality.
  • Post audit all disbursement by the City Treasurer for regularity and legality.
  • Maintain the general financial accounts of the City.
  • Prepare the financial reports as required by the City Manager.
  • Supervise all accounting operations of the City.


Working with the Treasurer and Trustees of Trust Funds

  • Maintain custody of all City funds, investments and securities, except trust funds, including the deposit, withdrawal and recording thereof.
  • Negotiate, upon the authorization of the City Manager, all loans to the City.
  • Sign all checks, notes and bonds of the City.

Information Technology Division

  • Install, configure and maintain City's technology so as to maximize efficiency, including computers, telecommunications and other information systems.
  • Assist with design, implementation and support of software, features and licenses as needed by various City departments in the performance of services.
  • Develop recommended policies, procedures and protocols to ensure necessary system security and functionality.
  • Provide help desk and technical support to City departments, troubleshoot errors, respond to issues encountered by users.  Evaluate hardware and software issues, provide recommended solutions

Personnel Division

  • Implement and operate a merit system of personnel administration, including a uniform classification and compensation plan, as prescribed by the City Charter and the City Code.
  • Prepare and maintain all personnel records.

Purchasing Division

  • Receive and coordinate all requests and solicit, receive and tabulate all bids and contracts for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment and services.
  • Prepare and maintain all necessary purchasing records.
  • Purchase, stock and charge out office supplies to various departments.
  • Maintain an inventory of all City personal property which has a useful life in excess of two years.

Tax Division

  • Mail out tax notices.
  • Perform all functions required by Tax Collectors relating to tax liens and deeds.
  • Collection of all accounts due to the City including taxes, water/sewer bills, parking tickets and licenses.
  • Maintain proper records pertaining to the collection function.
  • Turn over all receipts to the City Treasurer.