The Laconia Police Department is actively seeking civic minded individuals for interesting and meaningful volunteer opportunities within the Department. Over the last few years the police department has relied more and more on citizen volunteers to perform essential administrative and public relations duties. Our volunteers donate just a few hours and week and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of the delivery of police services to the City.

Community Service Volunteers

Individuals who enjoy working with the general public, who have a valid driver's license and no significant physical limitations can serve as Community Service Volunteers. This program places volunteers out in the retail and tourist areas of the community, interacting with local merchants, providing directions and assistance to visitors, performing parking enforcement and acting as the eyes and ears of the police department.
Pumpkin Fest 2016
Community Service Volunteers also will have the opportunity to assist our sworn officers in conducting educational programs such as bicycle safety rodeos, Halloween safety lectures, and senior citizen fraud prevention workshops. The Department has an immediate need for citizens to volunteer for this program. Please contact the Police Chief if you are interested in this opportunity.

Victim Services Unit Volunteers

If you are interested in being an advocate for those who have been a victim of crime, consider volunteering with our Victim Services Unit. The Victim Services Unit (VSU) works with the Prosecutor's Office to ensure that victims of are informed about the criminal justice system and their role in the process. They also provide helpful information and access to resources that are available to victims of crime. If you are in interested in joining the VSU, please contact Prosecutor James Sawyer.