Did you know the Children’s Room has STEM kits you can borrow? Check out one of these interactive kits for some fun hands-on learning!stem kits

Sorting Bears Kit: This is a great sorting tool! Separate the bears by color or size, and even do a little bit of beginner math!
Magnet Lab: How do magnets work? What sticks to magnets and what doesn’t? This kit is truly magnetic!
Dental Hygiene Kit: Test out your teeth-brushing skills with a giant mouth! This kit makes learning about dental hygiene truly fun!
Animal Tracks Kit: Learn about the tracks that NH animals make! With this kit, you’ll be able to make your own tracks, and find out how to search for animal tracks and scat in nature.
Storytime Kits, Bedtime, Cats, Ocean, Birds: Each kit comes with 3 themed books, pictures to color, and activities to hold your own storytime at home!
And many more!

Check out a kit, and see just how much fun learning can be!
(Limit, one kit per patron.)